Jacques's solutions for transport

Monday, 07 March 2016
Jacques's solutions for transport A.    THE PROBLEM The importance for the reliable operation of transportation systems lies heavily upon effective communications and security systems. Whether travelling during the day, alone, or at night, it is important for passengers and staff to feel safe and secure when using transportation systems. Jacques’ Integrated IP Communications System ...

SafeStore Auto Breaks New Ground in Singapore

Tuesday, 06 January 2015
SafeStore Auto Breaks New Ground in Singapore Three years in the making and finally, Singapore's first SafeStore Auto installation is a reality.After months of presentations and site discussions, including a trip to Markersdorf to see first-hand how the SafeStore Auto (SSA) is put together, the automated safe deposit locker solution was sold to a private investment company, part of one of Singapore's largest ...

Vehicle identification

Friday, 19 September 2014
Vehicle identification You know who is driving Nedap has been leading the market for automatic vehicle identification for over a decade. We offer a variety of readers and tags to identify vehicles and optionally the drivers of those vehicles. These systems are used in applications related to security, parking and logistics. To enable the automatic identification of the vehicle and driver ...

The benefit of hands-free access in hospital environments

Wednesday, 17 September 2014
The benefit of hands-free access in hospital environments Nedap has been offering solutions for smooth and convenient access for many years. Recently UHF technology was introduced to enrich Nedap's hands-free access solutions. Hospitals are one of the areas that clearly benefit from the unique features of this new Nedap technology. Can you imagine for example that when every second counts, hospital beds equipped with a ...

Securing the flow for Teva Pharmaceuticals

Friday, 12 September 2014
Securing the flow for Teva Pharmaceuticals The Israelian company Teva, a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, has opened a new office facility in Overland Park in Kansas, Missouri (USA) to expand their international enterprise. To accommodate the demands of the newly built parking garage of the facility, a convenient and safe vehicle access was required. Having used the TRANSIT Entry for nearly two years at ...

Monitoring blue zones in Les Mureaux

Monday, 08 September 2014
Monitoring blue zones in Les Mureaux Located near the French capital Paris, the innovative city Les Mureaux successfully introduced smart parking sensors to monitor parking spaces in blue zones this year. Information about the real-time availability of parking spaces is being transmitted to motorists via a large number of variable electronic signs along the streets. This real-time information guides ...

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