OCD consultant to work at TECHPRO office
This morning, May 24, 1977, OCD consultants visited and worked at TECHPRO's representative office. Since November 2015, TECHPRO Technology Development and Investment Company Limited and OCD Management Consulting Company have deployed the project of Building Human Resource Management System for TECHPRO. The project aims to build a comprehensive, modern HR management system for the company, including a KPI, staff competency assessment system and a 3P payroll system.
TECHPRO charity organization at the National Institute of Hematology
On November 20, 2015, TECHPRO Technology Development and Investment Company (TECHPRO) held a charity visit program at the National Blood Institute for Blood Transfusion. Charity activities with the desire to share the pain and bring joy to children at the Institute of Hematology has been maintained TECHPRO company annually.
Techpro launches slogan slogan contest
To create an atmosphere of excitement, enthusiasm and excitement in the workplace as well as in the new office space, and towards the 14th anniversary of TECHPRO, the Marketing Department officially launched the movement " The slogan "aims to encourage emulation, focus on collective intelligence and inspire the unique and creative ideas of every member of the TECHPRO family.