With 16 years of experience, TECHPRO Trading and Investment Technology Development Company (TECHPRO) has been asserting its position in four key businesses: (1) Automation and Informatics industry; (2) security systems and building solutions; (3) Industrial digital printing and data processing; And (4) construction and maintenance services.

Many products and solutions provided by TECHPRO have been widely applied and bring practical effects to partners and customers in the fields of Electricity, Transportation, Petroleum, Telecommunications, Banking , Finance, Taxation, Industrial Plants, Office Buildings, Retail Centers, etc

Through strategic partnerships with many of the world's leading technology groups as well as active participation in international technology forums, we regularly update new technologies, new products, TECHPRO. Has affirmed its pioneering position in the technology market.

With a policy of sustainable development, TECHPRO always balances the interests among customers - the community - the enterprise. With our customers, we constantly improve the value added products and solutions to optimize the investment costs for customers. With the community, we always fulfill the obligations that the State promulgates: to abide by the tax policy, the provisions of the law, actively participate in social activities such as charitable activities, help Support the difficult circumstances. Internally, we always aim for transparency and fair management system, motivation and encouragement in a timely manner, so that every employee always have confidence and pride when working at TECHPRO.

We are proud and thankful partners, domestic and foreign customers have trusted with us throughout the years. We always respect the smallest support of every customer and every partner and commit to do our best to continue to receive such valuable support in the future.