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Star FINGER007: Bộ điều khiển tích hợp đầu đọc vân tay, thẻ và mã PIN

• Standalone Device with Internally Embedded Controller
• Standalone or Network Operation without Connection to the PC
• Automatic System Reset via Self-Diagnosis (Watchdog Function)
• Anti-Passback Function
• Duress Mode Function
• Alerts when Door Opening Time Exceeds and Forced Door Open
• Tamper Switch (2EA)
• Time Display on LCD
• 3-Status Input Check (On/Off/ Cut)
• Designed to Withstand ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Shock
• Firmware Upgrade via Remote Control
• Supports 26/34 Bit Wiegand Output Port(Usable to Reader)
• Compatible Software : STARWATCH STANDARD, TIME PRO,
Thông số kỹ thuật
 Model   FINGER007
 CPU   32 Bit ARM9 and Dual 8 Bit Microprocessor
 Memory   Fingerprint 
 Program Memory: 1MByte Flash Memory
 Data Memory: 1M Byte / 2M Byte / 4M Byte Flash Memory
 Controller  Program Memory: 128K Byte Flash Memory
 Data Memory: 1M Byte Flash Memory
 Fingerprint User   1,000 / 2,000 / 4,000 Users
 ID User   10,000 ~ 50,000 Users (Including Fingerprint Registration)
 Event Buffer   10,000 ~ 50,000 Events (Selectable)
 Fingerprint Templates Size   800Bytes for 2 Fingerprint Templates
 Read Range   IDC80/IDC170: Up to 4 Inch(10cm)
 Reading Time (Card)   30ms
 Verification Time   Less than 1 sec.
 Identification Time   Less than 2 sec.
 Power / Current   DC 12V / Max.300mA
 External Reader Port   1 EA: 26bit Wiegand, 4/8bit Burst for PIN for Anti-Passback
 Communication   RS232 / RS422(Max.32ch), Ethernet(External Converter Required/Optional)
 Communi- cation Speed   Serial 
 Default: 9,600bps
 Selectable: 19,200bps / 38,400bps / 57,600bps / 115,200bps
 Ethernet  10/100Mbps
 Input Port   4 EA: Exit Button, Door Sensor, Aux#1, Aux#2
 Output Port   2 EA: 2 FORM-C Relay Output(COM, NO, NC) / DC12V~18V, Rating Max.2A
 2 EA:TTL Output/DC5V, Rating Max. 20mA (Can be used in 26 Bit Wiegand, using the 2 TTL Outputs)
 LED Indicator   7 LED Indicators
 Beeper Piezo   Buzzer
 LCD   Character LCD (2 Lines x 16 Char) 65.6 x 13.8 mm (2.62"x 0.55") Screen
 Keypad   16 Numeric Keypad with Back Lightings / Membrane
 Operating Temperature  Fingerprint Module
 RF Reader
 -15°C to +40°C
 0°C to +50°C
 -15°C to +70°C
 -35°C to +65°C
 Operating Humidity   10% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing
 Color   Dark Pearl Gary
 Material   Polycarbonate
 Dimension (W x H x T)   161.5mm x 134mm x 48.5mm
 Weight   525g
Certification FCC, CE, KCC, RoHS
Tính năng
Easy Installation
* Simple Upgrade
In case of device upgrade, the firmware can be downloaded to upgrade the system easily.
* Communication Status Check during Installation
Using the LED on back of the product, the communication status can
be checked during the installation process.
* Simple Access Control System Configuration
For areas that are difficult to set up network communication, the product can be used in standalone.

High Stability
* System Recovery by self diagnosis
In case of system error occurrence, the device diagnoses itself to find
the error and recover itself. The system does not fail in any
* Designed to stand ESD Shock
Power and ground have been separated to eliminate the malfunction
due to ESD Shock.
* Optimized Communication Feature
According to the network status, the system alters the communication
speed to provide the optimized communication status.
* Data Retention
User and event data are always saved even in case of power failure.

Easy to Use
* System status check
Seven color LEDs notifies the device information and current status
(3 LEDs in front & 4 LEDs in back)
* Operation mode selectable according to user environment
RF(PIN) Only / RF(PIN) + PW / RF(PIN) + fingerprint / RF(PIN) + PW + fingerprint
* Registration with keypad
Without using the registration software, card registration, adding,
deletion and other function settings can be done within the device.
* RS232, RS422 and TCP/IP communication support
With the embedded RS232 and RS422 communication features, the
system can be configured via network. TCP/IP communication can be
used as well by adding on the modules.
* Time Schedule Setting
The device can be configured with time schedule to operate only during the configured operation hours.
- Limitations on allowed entry time
- Limitations on input port operation time
- Output port operation time configurable
- Reader mode operation time configurable
* Holiday Schedule Setup
Excepting Sunday, you can program 32 holidays to one Holiday
Schedule. Each Holiday Schedule is linked to one time schedule which
has time code for holidays.
* 1:N Identification
Identification is made using only the fingerprint without using any cards
or keypads.
* Adaptive Mode
If the Adaptive Mode is enabled, the fingerprint image is automatically
adapted for better recognition results.
* Compatible Software: STARWATCH DUAL PRO I/II
- Multi-language support
- Multi port support
- Card Holder Management
- User Deletion Management
- Visitor Management
- Dynamic Map support
- Supports both TCP/IP and Serial communication
- Administrative event management function
- Color display of events by type
- Generates various kinds of access control report
- Generates various kinds of Time & Attendance report
- Supports various export or conversion features
- Unified User Interface

Superb Security
* Anti-Pass Back Mode
Anti-Pass Back is a function that is used to prevent a user entering an
area by using their card and passing that card back to another person
to use.
* Duress Mode Feature
In case of Duress, enter the 2 digit Duress Password and the door will
open as usual; however, the Duress Alarm will be activated to notify the
appropriate personnel via e-mail or SMS message.
* Cut-off check function
In case the connected device does not send normal signal to the
controller, it can be detected using the software.
* Forced Door Open Alarm
When the door is opened by force, the door contact sensor will be
activated. The forced door open alarm will be generated until the door
is closed again. All the transactions are saved as the record.
Description File
Catalog(English) : FINGER007/IP-FINGER007/FINGER007SR/FINGER007SRB Catalog Download
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