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iTDC: Bộ điều khiển cửa hỗ trợ 4 đầu đọc (thẻ hoặc vân tay)

Integrations with Video Surveillance, Alarm, Fire Alarm, BAS, BMS and Other Security Systems
• Automatic System Reset via Self-Diagnosis (Watchdog Function)
• Anti-Passback Function
• Arm/Disarm Function
• Duress Mode
• 2 Men-Operation Function
• Advanced Time Schedule Setting
• Door Opening Time Configurable per ID
• Alerts when Door Opening Time Exceeds and Forced Door Open
• Real-Time Monitoring of Access Door Status / User Access Status / Alarm Status using the Management Software
• 2-Status Input Check : On/Off
• Designed to Withstand ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Shock
• ELEVATOR384 + iTDC for Integrated Operation:STARWATCH iTDC PRO I/II + ELEVATOR PRO
Thông số kỹ thuật
 Model iTDC 
 CPU  8 Bit Microprocessor
 Memory Program
 Memory Data
 64K Byte ROM
 512K Byte Flash Memory
 ID User  1,000 ~ 20,000 / 30,000 / 40,000 / 50,000 Users
(Users and Event Buffer Definable)
 Event Buffer  29,500 ~ 20,000 / 15,000 / 10,000 / 5,000 Events
 Power / Current  DC 12V / Max.500mA
 Reader Port  4 EA : 26 Bit Wiegand, 4/8 Bit Burst for PIN
 Communication  RS232 / RS422 / RS485 (Max. 255ch.), Ethernet (Internal Ethernet Module IIM7100A Required / Optional)
 Communi- cation Speed Serial 

 Communi- cation Ethernet
 Default: 9,600bps
Selectable: 4,800bps / 19,200bps / 38,400bps
 Input Port  7 EA : Exit Button #1, Exit Button #2, Door Sensor #1, Door Sensor #2, AUX #1, AUX #2, AUX #3
 Output Port  4 EA: 2 FORM-C Relay Output(COM, NO, NC) / DC12V~18V, Rating Max.2A
 3 EA : TTL Output / DC 5V, Rating Max. 20mA
 LED  Indicator 21 LED Indicators
 Beeper Piezo  Buzzer
 Operating Temperature  0°C to +65°C
 Operating Humidity  10% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing
 Dimension (W x H x T)  145mm x 185mm x 18mm
 Weight  221g
 Certification  FCC, CE, KCC, RoHS, UL
 EIO88 (Expansion Input/Output Board) / Required for Controlling 3~4 Doors 
 Reader / Input / Output Port  8 Input Ports, 8 Output Ports
 Optional Features
(Manual Configuration Available for Standalone Operation) 
 LCD  Character LCD (2 Lines x 16 Char) 80 x 36 mm (3.15"x 1.41") Screen
 Keypad  16 Numeric Keypad

Tính năng
High Stability
* Self-testing feature for Self-Recovery
In case of the system failure, iTDC tests itself to find the problem and recovers the system. iTDC system does not fail in any environment.
* Protection from ESD
Power and ground have been separated to protect the device from ESD.

Unprecedented Scalability
* Integration with Other Security Systems
iTDC can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV, fire alarm, BAS and other systems to configure total security system.
* 30 Input/Output Ports to Control up to Four Doors
Seven input ports, seven output ports and four readers are embedded to connect with variety of sensors, alarms and other devices. In case of adding EIO88 extension board, the total numbers of input and output ports increase to eight each, which makes it total of 30 input and output ports. (EIO88 Optional)
* Connect up to 255 iTDCs Together
Using the network communication, 255 iTDCs can be connected together to configure medium or large size system.

Fast and Reliable Communication
* Optimized Communication Function
Depending on the network status, the communication spend is alternated to maintain reliable communication feature.
* Variety of Communication Function
Using either serial or TCP/IP communication, it provides reliable network system. Also using the multi-port feature, network and serial communication can be used together. (Internal TCP/IP Module Optional)

Convenience to Use
* Door Opening Time Configurable per User
The door opening time is configurable by users, which is suitable for disabled or aged users.
* Monitoring of Door Opening and Closing
Using the management software, it allows real-time monitoring and control of door opening and closing of the whole system.

Easy Installation
* Simple Access Control System Configuration
For the areas where the system configuration difficult, standalone access control system can be configured just by connecting keypad and LCD panel to the controller.

One of a Kind Security Features
* Two Men Operation
This function is used to manage the visitors. The visitors are only accessible when accompanied by authorized administrator. The doors are opened when two registered cards are read together.
* Anti-Passback
This function is used to prevent any entry or exit of unauthorized users by allowing exit only when proper identification is authorized.
* Duress Mode
This function is used to notify a dangerous situation or in case of the situations where the users are forced by thieves or criminals to open the door. Using the duress mode, the user can enter the two digit pre-configured duress mode code and the door will open as usual, but it generates the duress alarm output, which activates alarm event to be notified by e-mail or SMS messaging.
This function is used to increase the security level by denying the access if the administrator is not present. If the system is armed by the administrator, none of the access is granted, unless the system is unarmed by the administrator.
* Disconnection Check
This function self detects whether the devices connected to the controller are sending normal signal, if not it can be confirmed using the software.

Description File
Catalog(English) : iTDC/iTDC-SR Catalog Download
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