People indentification

people identification NEDAP 720x540
Convenient hands-free access

Most modern office buildings, hospitals, airports and industrial estates are equipped with access control systems that authorize people to move into and out of specified zones. Cards equipped with RFID are used to identify people.

Nedap Identification Systems beliefs that convenience and security can go hand in hand. Our hands-free card readers offer read ranges of multiple meters (long-range identification) and offer the highest level of convenience while maintaining sufficient levels of security.

uPASS Access

uPASS Access is a very small UHF reader that fits on doorposts, has an attractive modern design and reads access badges at a distance of up to 2 meter (6 feet). This reader supports reading battery less UHF cards that follow the EPC Gen 2 standard. Standard UHF cards in ISO format are available, but also specific combi cards. These combi cards combine UHF with conventional card technology from HID, Legic, MIFARE, Nedap, Sony or EM.


If a guaranteed read range of approximately four meters is required, Nedap advices to use TRANSIT Entry, a microwave based reader (2,45 GHz). With this reader Nedap compact tags, that contain a battery, are used for a longer read range. The reader can be equipped with a so called MTR Module which will enable proximity reading of common smart cards and proximity cards.