Gate control system project for PC&OR

1. The project information

- Total area: about 400Ha

- Number of workers: about 40,000 (at peak time)

- Number of controlled entrances: 03

- Completion of Total project: 2017

- Completion of Gate system: March-2014

2. Purpose of the gate system

- The system was designed to control individual getting in and getting out of working area.

- To track and trace any person getting in and getting out with logged events in the system

- To generate relevant report for time attendance management of all workers working in the site.

- To generate access report, alarm report, system report... to support security management on the site

- To manage all users information of people or working on the site and working history for personel management.

3. Diagrams for the system

Sơ đồ hệ thống cửa Tripod turnstileH1: 04 lanes (Tripod Turnstile) group entrance system
Sơ đồ nguyên lý toàn bộ hệ thống

H2: Gate access control and time attendance system

4. Principle to control and manage the system

4.1 Principles

- Control access and manage attendance for all employees in the construction site via IDTECK/Korea RFID based acess control system, in combination with Tripod Turnstile Security Gate. Each gate inludes 20 lanes to satisfy the need of up to 50,000 worker on site. Tracked data will be saved on server

- As the construction site's daily operation is complicated, the system was designed to work stably in both modes:

• Online mode: Readers frequently update data to server

• Offline mode: In case there is trouble happens to server, data cable, electricity will be saved in controller using power source from back-up batteries. Hence, data will be protected and tranfer automatically to server once problem is solved.

- Real-time is set up on readers and as specific requirement of each site. Authorized personal could adjust it to manage over-time work hour, extra work shift or in use for emergency situation.

Quy trình vào ra cửa tripod tại cổng kiểm soát-chấm côngH3: Tri-pod turnstile access control gate

4.2 Gate Solution Description


- 3 entrance gates x 20 lanes = 60 lanes of tripod turnstiles

- Contactless card reader for check-in/check-out control

- Central server for system management & data management, storage

- Local PC for Gate terminal management and monitoring

- Employees information and events database sharing for HR management purpose (Time attendance...etc)

- Location of installation is the project site near Seashore: High humidity, salty dust, typhoon, heavy raining

- Users: workers (mostly)

Solution Proposal

- Tripod turnstile

• Stainless steel body for anti-corrosion

• Heavy duty design for withstanding hard behavior of workers

- Access controller

• Each controller supports 01 lane with 02 readers port for check-in and checkout with full functions of access. In case one controller is broken, only one lane is closed while the other lanes are still in operation (if use multi – lanes controller, many lanes will be closed if controller is broken).

• Although one controller manages 01 lane, all controllers will be connected in network and mamanged centrally. That is distributed control but centralized management structure.

• Each controller supports upto 50,000 card holders and each card holder can be authorzied to access through certain lanes or Gates. So that we can optimize traffic flow from beginning.

• Time table /working schedule can be set and upload to each controller or group of selected controllers from server. Each controller or each group of controllers can have different time tables.

• Each access controller can manage many time code, holiday code which helps to manage working policies perfectly.

- Card reader & Car

• 13.56MHz Mifare card readers with compact design and epoxy molded body.

• Reading range upto 10cm for embedded installation under toplid of tripod.

• Lifetime warranty

• 13.56MHz CSN ISO size mifare card with 1k memory

• Blank for color printed on both sides

- Power supply kit

• 02 access controllers will be powered by one power unit including Switching power board and backup battery.

• Each switching power board will rectify Primary power input from 220VAC to

• 13VDC for power up access controllers and charging to back up batteries.

• Switching power board monitor power status and change over between primary input and backup batteries or vice versa when primary AC power is blacked out

• Power board would also send alarm in case of main power lost or low battery.

- Handheld RFID reader/writer

• A handheld RFID equipment with built-in mifare card reader/writter will be equipped for mobile checker who can check card holders anywhere without connection to work station (offline working).

• All card logged events will be stored in external SD card (upto 32GB) and will be transferred to server when mobile device is plugged in cradle which is synchronized with server through LAN connection.

• Mobile checker can modify card holder's information and update to server as well as update to card memory.

- USB card reader / writter

• USB card reader / writter is plugged in work station at main office for checking card information and revising card information. All revised information can be updated to server and card memory.

• The operator can also use this USB card reader/writter for disable a card from system.

• Gate keeper can also use this USB card reader/ writter for the same purpose at each gate.

- Local gate computer

• One PC will be installed at Guard office of Gate with local software pack to check card holders information and realtime monitoring card holder who present card to card reader at the tripod turnstile. They can view card holder's picture appearing on PC monitor so that they can compare between actual card holder and registered one.

• Gate keeper can read and modify card holder information with USB card reader/writter then update to Server and card.

- System software & Application software

• Server / client structure to support multi sites system

• Full functions for Administration, system configuration, card holders registration, Time Rules creation, report generation.

• SQL database helping user to export /extract raw data from access system to other management software such HR, EPR...etc for their purpose with different format such as: EXCEL, PDF, TEXT, WORD, ...etc

• Support mobile card reader and USB card reader/writter connect to main DB

• for download and update.

• Neccessary Customizations to meet management purpose

Images for equipments

tripod turnstilecontroller

Thiết bị tay dò kim loại

5. Warranty and Maintenance services


- We provide 12 months warranty period for total system

- Products warranty period (from 12 to 24 months warranty) will be subject to manufacturers's policy


- TECHPRO has engineer team in the construction site to be on duty 24/24 hour to supervise the work of system, and solve any problem in time in case there's any.

- Frequency: Once per quarter Techpro's engineer will visit the site and carry out maintenance job. The date of visit will be discussed and agreed between two parties.

- On call service:

• TECHPRO will despatch an engineer to the site for checking and fix problem of the system upon receiving a request from facilities or techincal manager of the project management team.

• Within 24 working hours from the moment of receiving request, TECHPRO's engineer will be ready on site for check.

6. Feedback from the contractor

- Project was completed on time and satisfied all requirements for quality of construction and products. Construction operation strictly follow safety standard

- System works very stably. Equipments are all brand-new, imported from oversea. Instruction for use was provided by TECHPRO's technical team via training course. It is clear, practical and easy to understand.

- Maintainance and Warranty are implemented in accordance with the process which is standalized and recommended by the manufacturers.

7. Appendices: Images captured at construction site of the project

chạy cáp quang 7000m từ Gate 1 Gate 2 Gate 3 Gate 4 về trung tâm điều khiển

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